I am slowly getting into this whole blogging thing. It all started with my desire to bitch about work, but I think their is much more that can be done. I am sure there will be plenty of the bitching here, but hopefully a lot more other stuff also.

Saturday was a nice day.  I helped Bruce move a player piano from a small church basement in Lodgepole to his home in Sidney.  The thing was hella heavy and awkward. After the piano me and Rich headed out to Garrets parents house to do some gun shooting. Much fun was had as there were many, many firearms to choose from. Garret brought 4 or 5, Tom had 3 or 4, I had my AR and M&P9. Mike brought around 4 or 5 different firearms also. The real fun was when Casey finally showed up with his little arsenal. Many cans, bottles and bowling pins died that day.

More to come later.


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