Whats wrong with people?

So today I was parusing DIGG and found one of the trypical anti Glenn Beck hate peices. Usually these amuse me, not being a fan of Glenn Beck myself. Today tho something else happened as I was skimming threw the comments. I read a comment on how he raped and murdered a girl in 1990. After a little research I learned it was false and had no basis in reality. It seems that people that hate Beck and his beliefs are resorting to, what they consider to be similar tactics to his and his birthers tactics. They contend, since he isnt denying the alligations that it must be true, and they think Beck needs to provide proof that he did not commit these crimes. They claim this is the same tactic that he (Beck) is using against Obama with the birth certificate issue. I dont see a similarity, forgive me if i don’t fall into either hate trap, because that what both sides are spewing. Needless to say I have been finding DIGG less and less useful and more and more filled with stupidity, bigotry and hate. Its seems to have filled its ranks with people that can not accept any opinion other than their own. What used to be a good place to keep up on the latest things, has slowly deteriorated over the years to a useless wasteland of useless comments, with the occasional gem of news or information. The gems seem to be fewer and fewer now, which is sad.


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