This is a little background flavor for my level 20 assassin. It took me about 4 weeks to get her to level 20 and I am having a blast playing her in end game content. Assassin tier III works wounderfuly as long as I dont get agro, which makes her much more fun in a solid group. While soloing, she can sneak around and assassinate most critters (not undead, which is disapointing) with a quick stab.

My name is Culsa and I assassinate woodchucks. Its a dirty line of work, but it must be done, or the woodchucks will take over and rule us all. I realized this the day my father died. He never came home from hunting us up dinner. The details will forever remain a mystery but I can surmise that some sneaky woodchuck saw my father hunting after a deer and decided to take advantage of the situation. I’m sure my father wasn’t aware of the woodchuck, or he would have delt with the evil creature, and I wouldn’t have my mission. My mission to eradicate the world of all the vile evil woodchucks was handed down to me from god in a dream. He sent me a dream and told me to destroy them all. I have spent many years training, learning the ways of the woodchuck and I understand its vile nature. It is sneaky and smart, cunning and ruthless. The fiends from Shavarath know nothing of this evil. Even their evil pales in comparison to this evil known as the woodchuck.

Im thinking of more things to add to the flavor text.


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