New Week

Start of a new week! Looking forward to next weekend, Denver, Les Claypool and chilling with some friends! Will be nice.

Thinking about what I want to supply for the Tuesday night comedy night. Looks like Chris and Becky will be bringing something tex-mex. Unsure about Joe and Mari, but Brownies wouldn’t surprise me, or disappoint me at all. Charles is broke so unless he had already planned, I dont think he will be contributing. Last week I went threw great lengths to make Sweet Thai rice, which was really hard to do (NOT). I think this week I need to make something a bit more. Maybe I could get stuff and Charles could help me make it and that could be his contribution. Humm.. Still stuck on the question of what to make.

Rusty and Kaylee are ripping my back building apart. I told charles last week that I no longer wanted the dogs left in the back yard to there own devices for much more than an hour. He started working on a way to keep his dog in the Kennel over the weekend. This is why he is broke i’m sure. I owe him 25 bucks for a fix he made to the side of the porch. I might give him a little more. The cost of the Kennel mods are on him as far as I was concerned, since i know rusty wont escape. But the cost of the lumber and parts was a bit much so, ill see what i can do to help him out with it.

Still considering killing the satellite dish and the phone. Would save a good bit a month for stuff that we dont really need or use that often. Skype and a few internet view options are available.


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