Comedy Night

The night went well, even if Chris was freaked out by the chicken. I looked at his piece when I was cleaning up and it wasn’t pink, i think it was just our brains playing with us and the lighting. THe fact that the first time I pulled em out and checked them they were still pink and the fact that I dont cook often made him very leary to begin with. I did warn every to double check their chicken and the piece joe got was amongst the biggest and it was pink free, so I feel pretty confident they were all completly cook at that point. Oh well.. The tex-mex thing he made was awesome and mari’s chili/bean soup was yummy as well. I have enough chicken to feed me and Charles the rest of the week and some! Comedy night for me is somewhat of a blessing, it gets me out from my computer and interacting with people once a week in a face to face maner. Im not a very social person and I generally get the “I dont wanna do this” dread prior, but once people show up, things start kicking in gear and i’m ok.

I got my video card and RAM yesterday to upgrade my computer some. It all installed fine, mostly. The card interferes with my sata ports, but with some new elbow cables that wont be an issue. At the moment I have one sata port (eSata) disconnected, but this really doesn’t matter as I don’t have any eSata devices. The monitor I have has speakers and the DVI-d port on the sound card is trying to pass sound threw it. The monitor evidently knows how to take sound from the DVI-d but all i get is static, and I have found no way to tell windows not to pass sound threw it. Quick fix was to turn the sound on the monitor to 0. DDO runs supper smooth now, and the video card I got is a few generations old (9800GT), that should tell you a bit about my other video cards I had running. Even running the 2 8600GT’s in SLI they were slower than the one 9800GT. And considering my SLI board fried and im running a budget Foxxcon board with 1 PCIx16 slot, it was a unfortunate downgrade, but it didn’t cost me much since I already had it sitting around. Upgraded the RAM to 4GB as well. The upgrades were less than $200, which I feel good about. I think it will last me a good year or 2 more before I need to upgrade again (Crosses fingers, nothing else breaks as well).

Rusty and Keylee are still chewing on the back buildings siding. Im gonna have to look for a “cure” for that really soon, as it is ill be putting ona  new piece of siding this spring. Charles hasn’t gotten very far on the prison enhancements. The kennel wont keep his escape artist in so hes making a few additions, and once those are done the dogs will be in there for extended periods of time instead of running out in the yard, unsupervised. Hopefully he can work on it and maybe finish it this weekend. Damn almost forgot I gotta look at ladders, I own a house and don’t even have a ladder.

Still looking forward to Les Claypool, and seeing as I am riding, I don’t have to worry about nothing. Some scheduling issues arose the other day and after spending a little while getting involved, I just stepped back and said, “let me know when your gonna get me. I will be ready to leave Friday night at 6pm. If you don’t show I will be ready to leave Saturday morning at 5am.” and left it at that. Seems they got it all worked out and were leaving Friday night after 9pm. That should put us in Broomfield about midnight. Saturday looks to be a nice day. Ill get to watch some people rock climbing and have lunch at a decnet place, tho i don’t think we have discussed it. I think I wont mention it till were ready to eat, I’m getting tired of planning, I think I would like to do some spontaneous stuff! hehe. Will have rusty with me I should look for a place that does doggy grooming.. humm that’s an idea.


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