Schedules, Gencon and Concerts

So here I sit trying to schedule things. I play D&D most every other weekend, have a Vampire game starting up on the off weekends of D&D and have a craving to go to Denver/Boulder more frequently. As some one once said “Somethings gotta give”. Got into a conversation with a friend about it all, and I hope she didn’t take it personally in any way, was just trying to figure things out and see if there was any way to put it into my calendar. This weekend seems to be free, tho its a scheduled D&D weekend, there will be to many people out of town to play the current campaign. I am actually ok with that as it will give me a little more time this weekend to do some cleaning and stuff. I kinda wish some of this weekend stuff could be off loaded to the week days as that’s, aside from work, my least planned out days. Unfortunately no one will do that due to the fact that the week days are their busiest days. I’m thinking maybe I need to find something to do during the weekdays.

Looking into gencon and a few concerts. Megadeth is almost assured and gencon is, if the days fall right almost assured as well. If I go to gencon I will finally get to meet all, or a lot of, the Defense Guild. This is something I actually wouldn’t mind doing. It’s also been a long time since I have been to a large convention. Last one I can remember was with Pop and Dwight in Virginia and that one wasn’t so big. Man that was a long time ago, how time has flown. Been here in Sidney for 8 years in April, that makes me want to cry.


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