Luein – Desciple of the Raven Queen

Tim the Terribad has gone on to accept his post as Major of the Royal Guard at Port Royal. That leaves me with a void for a character to play in Tom’s 4E game. With a friend of mine returning back to town from school I decided to shoot the twin brother concept at him. I have shot this concept to a few other people and it has always fallen through and never worked out. Well this time, my fortunes might work out more in my favor. The other day Luein and Kris of Tiburon were born. Their evolution has been interesting to say the least. I initially had created a Swordmage that had taken the assassin feat. The concept and build were, well still are, stellar. Good to hit, very good defenses and a decent amount of “make the DM poop his pants” factor. After some evolution and conversation with dave, and the fact that Tom was adamant that we not be the same class, dave decided to roll up an invoker. In the course of the email thread Tom came up with a very interesting back story and it was decided that we would have been put in charge under the Raven Queen at one of her many temples. While it is accepted that a swordmage could serve as a soldier to the Raven Queen I wanted something more specific for the stereotype. I decided to work on a Devine class to meet what interpreted as the needs of the story. Enter the Avenger class. I wont say much more now, as the rest of the group hasn’t been introduced. While I know my blog isn’t widely read, I dont want to give it away yet.

I have dedicated my life to her service. She has shown me and my brother compassion unsurpassed by any other save one.



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