Warhammer and digging up memories

My next few posts were originally one large post. I decided to break the one large post into a few smaller ones mostly due to the fact they jumped all over gods creation with thoughts and memories. The more I wrote the more I deviated from the original intent of the post.

As I sit her at work, doing my mundane job of clipping paths on clothes to go into a catalog my mind wandered and a flood of memories washed over me. Over the weekend I snagged a few pod casts dealing with Warhammer online. While clipping I was listening to the one and only pod cast that got copied to my iPod. I was hoping this podcast series would have a few good nuggets of information. Unfortunately the only Warhammer podcast that got copied to my iPod was from when Warhammer was still in beta in 2008. This podcast had no information but it had a large discussion dealing with a  blogger’s views on how he just wasn’t having fun with Warhammer. It went into details of his blog post and while out dated it still was a very good pod cast and I am so glad I took the time to listen to it.

WAAAGH – The Warhammer Podcast EP 2


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