MMO Memories part 2

I started playing Warhammer Online the other weekend with a friend I know locally, through my part time ambitions at Walmart. We used to work together in the electronic/sporting goods area and at the time I was a rabid WoW player. I twisted his arm and he started playing. He was soon just as addicted, if not more, to MMO’s as I was.

I initally created a witch elf on the wrong server, then creating a DoK on the right server and getting it to 30 plus, realizing I suck at. I then started creating a multitude of other classes to see if I like any of them better and I have found home; the Squib Herder. When I started WoW my first class was an Undead Rogue. I have always liked the rogue class in about any game I have ever played. I played a ranger with zippy (syco) in DAoC till they nerfed them into the ground, then I played a Infiltrator till I got bored with the game which was shortly after zippy left for a “better” MMO. Zippy was always on the search for the better pvp MMO and I can thank him for exposing me to most of the games I have played. If it wernt for him I doubt I would have played Shadowbane or Star Wars Galaxys and would never have met half of the people I contribute for my rich memories of those games. In shadowbane I played stealhers almost exsclusivly, well there was the stint of playing the Fury. I sold my WoW account at one point so I could supposidly get un-addicted. I chuckle at this thought, as I was soon playing on the account of the guy who I sold my account too. I picked the highes char he had, which was a hunter and instantly fell in love. The hunter and I went threw many changes and nerfs and occasionally I was drawn back to my stealthing passion but the I always fell back on the hunter. As I got older and my eye sight slowly got worse the mouse pointer is more frequently getting lost on the screen in the flurry of madness of mobs loosing aggro or what not. At first the DoK was fun, and it still is fun to play solo or with another single person but my reflexs just suffer when im trying to target a mob and a player, deal damage and heal at the same time. Its just to much for me to keep track of. Dave suggested a tank or another dps class. He even suggested the squib herder and I, out of hand, said nah. Why I didnt want to playa squib herder is pretty easy for me to explain. I wanted to do something different. I played a hunter in wow through 2 xpacs up to 80. I spent hours raiding, questing and PvP’n with it. I thought It was time to do something else.


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