A month or so ago I burnt up my ranger into a pile of ash. He rose from the ash like a phoenix as, well, a ranger. The plan for him was to become an Arcane Archer. The first few levels were typically easy and I pretty much ripped threw Korthos and much f the harbor. When I hit level 4 or 5 the DPS took a big dive and solo play was like pulling teeth to get anything done. Playing was so painful I actually picked up a heart of wood so I could rebuild him as a TWF ranger and go tempest at level 6 instead of taking Arcane Archer. Not that it was really needed, since as a ranger I get the complete TWF tree free as I level. But if I didn’t like Arcane Archer there was no point in having mental toughness or point blank shot and hell if there aren’t better feats out there for a Tempest ranger. In the back of my head I was screaming this sucks, omg this sucks, but I was also telling myself I NEED to give it a fair try. If I dont at least get to 15 or higher and play it for a while at higher level I will never know if its anything I would enjoy or not. At 6th level I took the Arcane Archer enhancement and got the benefits of being an Arcane Archer. I also got many shot. Over all I was really really underwhelmed by it. Don’t get me wrong many shot is an awesome feat and it pretty much doubled my dps for 20 seconds. The con is its a 2 min cool down with a scaling negative to hit as you get more arrows per shot, which you get as your BAB increases. Many shot maxes out at 4 arrows with a -8 to hit starting at BAB 16. The Arcane Archer bumped up my DPS as well with force arrows, but it was also somewhat underwhelming. I picked up evasion at 9th and really didn’t notice its benefits right away. I think most of that was I am so used to playing something with evasion I never notice it, as its always just there for me. I think I grumbled some about not having it, and when I got it I am pretty sure I said “hallelujah” and what not, but the levels just kept grinding. I was still thinking about that heart of wood in my bank, thinking I could join the ranks of all those super uber elite TWF builds out there. At level 10 some good gear opened up to me, I was finally able to pull my paralyzer out of the bank to use, I picked up a level 10 disruptor on the AH for dirt cheap. When I finally got to 11th level and was granted Precise shot and Improved Precise shot the world took a tumble through the tunnel of supper uber and hit awesomeness. In time my many shot was giving me 3 arrows and I was able to line targets up, paralyze the lot of them while doing damage to them all at one time. Arcane Archer by this time had ranked up to a point where I as getting +3 arrows, and the ability to imbue them with acid, fire burst or force. Now at level 15, I have +4 arrows, the ability to imbue them with Force, Force burst, Acid or Fire burst and many shot is giving me 4 arrows a shot, albeit at a -8 to hit. I shred stuff up! I think over all I will be very happy with being an Arcane Archer with Shuhei, now that I have all the bells and whistles ranger has to offer. I have to wait till 18 before I get the final Arcane Archer +5 arrows and the ability to imbue them as slayer arrows, something I am eagerly anticipating. The capstone for Ranger is also beckoning me and I am looking forward to getting that as well.


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