Lots of Thoughts Today

Siting here with a deluge of work, listening to some new music and letting the mind wander. Letting the mind wander really isn’t very productive for me as I tend to dwell on negative things and things from the past that I would rather forget. To bad I cant just put my memories in a bottle or jar or something like Dumbledorf in Harry Potter! The new Jimmy Eat World is occupying most of my iTunes time, that and the new Linkin Park, and I can honestly say I really wanna see Jimmy when they come to the Denver area. I saw them last year and while it was an awesome show I went alone and that was kinda depressing in its own way. Waiting for the electrical work to get done in my house and I am starting to get slightly annoyed with the electrician. I think he is waiting for the ceiling ladder to be installed, so its easier for him to get in and out of the attic. It is nice having the ceiling fans installed, but he has so much more work and hes been at it now for almost 3 or 4 weeks… way to long. Mental note to self, call electrician and see WTF is going on. LOL  New roof should be on in a few weeks as well.


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