DDO, and wow this is laggy!

I installed DDO on my old Dell last night so I could try getting some motes and items before the Halloween special event was over Sunday. To my surprise it ran, and a lot better than I would have thought as well. I was getting about 20fps in the graveyard with a full group, and about 5 or less fps when a caster would shoot of a meteor swarm or some other large AoE. I was in the middle of a spawn, when a caster shot off a Fiery AoE, I froze and when I had unfroze I found out i was dead and already had a rez prompt waiting for me. Was a good night other wise, I have close to 1000 motes and a few other items needed for the cape I want. Ill see if i can log in tonight and do it again, as I would like a copy of that cape at the 3 different levels and from the sounds of it I will need about 5000 motes to upgrade one completely to the level 20 version.


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