The roofing debacile

If it could be called that. The roof is going to cost me $1800 more than expected. Evidently there are 2 layers of asphalt shingles and underneath those shingles are a layer of wooden shingles. So apparently the whole decking needs to be replaced. I guess to good thing that comes from all this is the fact I will have a new roof and no more surprises concerning that.

UPDATE: Friday the roofer called and told me that my chimney is falling down and he cant continue until I come look at it and tell him what to do. My first reaction was, that I don’t have a clue, but he insisted I come and have a look at it. When I got there they had a ladder set up so I could get up on the roof and look at it, which I did not do. I just asked him a few questions. “How bad is it?” At which point he start dismantling it with no effort, so yea its pretty bad. I asked him what my options were. He responded with the age old question, “you want it cheap or expensive?” My reply was along the lines of “I want it done right”. He started telling me he could rebuild it with brick or he could just put a pipe in the roof, at which point he pointed to a house across the street and said “like that one”. “Do it and put it on the bill.” I told him as I headed back to my car.


When I got home last night, they were still putting shingles on, so I went out to have dinner with the two temps work hired. When I got back it was dark and I hope he isn’t done with the pipe, cause its at an angle. I think they will be back today to finish.


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