Amazingly confounding and just plain wow

So the other day Susan decided, that because I was planning, in 1.5-2 years from now, to sell my house and look for work closer to family that our relationship was no longer worth perusing. I made the comment that well we can still be friends. At that point she vanished off line. I’m guessing that she thinks, for what ever reasons (for they are hers and I wont be little her for them) that she needs to break all contact. I updated my facebook to being single last night and this morning found that she is no longer on my friends list. I have a feeling that later today I will find out she can no longer play D&D with us on the weekends, and I fear that her daughter will follow suit. Its just not a good thing all the way around. Maybe I had better stop planning so far ahead and concern myself with the now? I wish her no bad will, and I do feel bad that she feels the need to go to the ends that she is going to. I hope later in life we can still be friends as she is a wonderful person, and I will truly miss not having her as a friend.


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