Slow and steady?

Hit rank 27, almost rank 28. I have about 3 or 4 more level 3 quests I havent done and those will get me to rank 28. At that point I will either run them all on hard and normal to get as much out of them as possible and then level. Looking threw the Quest list I missed 4 level 2 quests, but one chain is bugged and it cant be done. I dont care about the solo quest as the xp is a trivial amount. For level 3 quests I have the sacred helm, kobold assault, first strike and hobgoblin captives to do. I have completed two level 4 quests as they were the end quests of some of the ones in the level 3 range. Tonight I got in a few groups that were ok, slow and lots of deaths in one, redoing a quest that I soloed by myself not more than an hour before with no issue. Oh well its off to bed and tomorrow is Rifts PnP with some peeps and I am really looking forward to that. Plus this coming weekend I have Pathfinder in Ft. Collins and I cant wait for this weekend.


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