I was born in upstate NY in 1971 and lived in various towns in the area till my parents moved us to Virginia. I lived in northern Virginia for a good portion of my life, up until recently almost half of it. In HS I took a vocational course to become a trades printer, and had planned on becoming a comic book artist. Many twists and turns, 8 years of Army Reserve service and several moves later I live in the Nebraska panhandle working for “The Worlds Foremost Outfitter” making the things we sell look pretty in the printed pages of our catalogs. The funny thing is I don’t care to hunt, don’t get me wrong I don’t mind it and have on occasion been known to try and kill turkeys and pheasants. Its just not a driving factor in my life. The closet thing in my life I could call a driving factor would be online MMOs. I have been playing those since the day I found Ultima Online in the mid 90’s. Having delved in so many MMOs over the years its hard to remember which ones I have played, the most oft remembered MMOs would be Ultima Online with Wade, Mark, Zippy and a few other friends that I have fallen out of touch with over the years as the distance between where we live has increased. Next I think it would be DAoC with Zippy, then Shadowbane, Star Wars Online, EQ2, Ruby’s of Eventide for a short time and WoW. Currently I am playing Rift in between work days. Life in a nut shell. Add in their RC trucks, comic books, Pen and Paper roll playing (D&D, Vampire and a few other things that my friends here in Nebraska have brought into my life), WW2 Re-enacting as a #3 British Commando and computers and you pretty much have most of what i am interested in.


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