Starting things fresh from the beging.

A quick refresher about me. As those people who know me know, I spend way to much time sitting in front of a computer playing games. I do this for many reasons, most not considered healthy or in many ways sane. Most of my time is sat around getting lost in the world of Dungeons and Dragons: Online (DDO for short). So the other day, the guild I associate with decided to do some epic elite (ee) quests. I have a few level 20+ characters, and every single one of them is melee based. Tobril and Sam both have archers that also can do melee, as well as assorted mages, barbs, monks and the sorts. They have been playing for a very long time. Anyways, after looking at the death count and noticing my monk racked up a good half of all deaths I decided its time to break out a ranged toon. I have a rogue, who at one time I really enjoyed playing, not so much anymore. Well last night I killed him in DDO’s TR system and started him over at level 1 as a ranger. In the long run he will have 6 levels of Ranger, 12 levels of Monk and 2 levels of Fighter. This build will give me a complete ranged feat set and a almost complete melee set. I will be missing improved crit:Blunt (no, not the smoking weed variety). Aver all I have high hopes for it, as he was a long time ago an arcane archer and I really enjoyed that once upon a time. Time will tell. I have achieved level 5 and he is running around slapping things around with monk wraps and occasionally pulling out a bow to kill things at a distance. I find myself in melee most of the time tho. I think this will change once I get Zen Archery and Many-shot. About the same time I will have an enhancement on the monk front called 10,000 stars, which is a Many-shot alternative. All this will take shape around level 12 or 13. At that point I should be mostly ranged with occasional melee to up some Ki (chi) power to fuel some of the monk things.


DDO, and wow this is laggy!

I installed DDO on my old Dell last night so I could try getting some motes and items before the Halloween special event was over Sunday. To my surprise it ran, and a lot better than I would have thought as well. I was getting about 20fps in the graveyard with a full group, and about 5 or less fps when a caster would shoot of a meteor swarm or some other large AoE. I was in the middle of a spawn, when a caster shot off a Fiery AoE, I froze and when I had unfroze I found out i was dead and already had a rez prompt waiting for me. Was a good night other wise, I have close to 1000 motes and a few other items needed for the cape I want. Ill see if i can log in tonight and do it again, as I would like a copy of that cape at the 3 different levels and from the sounds of it I will need about 5000 motes to upgrade one completely to the level 20 version.