OS X, iTunes and the frustrations with a Bluetooth Headset

I have a decent set of bluetooth headphones and a spotify account that I love to listen to when I’m not listening to my audible books. One thing about OS X that utterly drives me insane is the fact that if you connect any bluetooth device to your mac it automatically assumes that you want to use iTunes. This unfortunately is not even remotely true. So after some searching i found a few simple fixes for it that are some what ok. The first is to go and turn off all access to the file via Terminal with the chmod command. This is not a bad idea actually. sudo chmod 000 iTunes.app does the trick, its a little clunky as I don’t do a lot of navigation via command line any more so its slow. who would have ever thought the days of DOS commands and command line would ever be useful, mind you its not dos, its a UNIX type command line, so not many of the commands are even DOS like. Easy to remedy, and easy to learn tbh.

I have been spending a good deal of time learning applescript and automation in general, mostly to speed up things at work. I was like this is a good time to put some of that knowledge to work. I wrote two scripts to change iTunes.app permissions to either 000 or 777 depending on if i plan on using iTunes or not. This is a lot easier, but i know you can do else or if statements, I’m just not familiar with them. A quick google search found me a nice script that gives me a pop up and does either of the commands based on my answer to the pop up dialog. Now were talking! I can’t use this guys script because he turns the x(executable) bit on or off and while that might work, its not what i want to do. I changed the wording of his pop up dialog a little and changed his -x to 000 and the +x to 777. Working like a charm. I couldn’t be happier.

Now if apple would let people just disable this feature all together I would be even happier.