Thoughts about relationships and stupidity

Why, do I have to hit myself in the head so much when it comes to women. Last year I broke up with my girlfriend of almost 2 years because I didn’t really see us together in 10 years. We had lots in common for sure, but I saw many things about her that just really didn’t mesh well for me for a really serious relationship. So I broke up with her after a rather unhappy gencon trip, that had lots of arguments and she just had a crummy attitude. That was my deciding point. But hey we could still be friends I figured. I figured wrong. I should have taken someones advice and made a clean break and we should have just gone our separate ways. Now a year later Im dealing with some of her guilt trips, if they could be called that. “You don’t really care about me.” All due to a phone of mine that’s on her carriers account.


Live and learn. I was gonna post the last set of SMSs we had, but you know what, I have changed my mind. She has it in her mind that I don’t care anything about her or what happens to her and as of this moment, she is correct. I’m not even gonna wish her safe travels to and from Denver tomorrow. Conversation is done, and I am moving on.